Tom Snooks Remembers

In 2007 Tom wrote:

London to Sydney Marathon 1977

My involvement with this event was on the publicity side for the Total Oil Citroen Team. Total sponsored four Citroen CX2400s, including Jean-Calude Ogier, Paddy Hopkirk and Doug Stewart.

Max Stahl travelled with the event and each day telephoned reports back to Total Australia, where I was located on the seventeenth floor of its building in North Sydney, just up the road from radio station 2UE.

I would record Max’s report for the radio, as well as a general report for other media, and pass it around. There wre some very strange hours involved from my side give n the time differences as Max moved across from London to Perth. I slept at Total quite a few nights as we couldn’t guarantee that Max could get through on the telephone when we planned, and he haed to keep trying until he was successful.

Such were communications in those days! I recall dashing into 2UE early one morning hoping to get coverage from the 7am news, and my contact told me not to worry; there would be no air play that day. Elvis Presley had died the previous night (our time)!!

Bob Riley ran with Paddy Hopkirk in the 1977 London to Sydney Rally.

(From . The ‘My’ and ‘I’ in the above is Tom Snooks).

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