Rod Slater Sponsor Car 54

Great Site and thank you for bringing it all together, well done.

I was the Western Australian Distributor for Renault and Peugeot
in Western Australia, at the time of the London-Sydney and was
responsible for entering car 54 (Eurocars/TVW7 entry), crewed by Bob
Watson, Ross Dunkerton(both Australian Rally Champions) with Roger
Bonhomme as the 3rd crew member.

I assumed responsibility for a ‘reconnaissance’ lap of the
Australian section and supplied a new Peugeot 504ti, for the
purpose, together with my then employee, Colin Redmond, who was
later to become service crew for the event, the 504 ‘reco’ car was
driven on the ‘reco’ lap, prior to the event, by Bob Watson, with
Col Redmond navigating.

I also accepted service responsibility, for the Turkish National
team, of 2 a Renault 12′s, for the Australian Section.

When the Peugeot service car was destroyed in a crash in Turkey, I
became involved, by default, to co-ordinate service from there on,
to the final leg in Sydney.

I organised for tyres to be air dropped throughout Eastern Europe
and gearboxes to Penang, I then sent Col Redmond to Penang and Col
then followed the team all the way from Penang to Sydney, doing the
Australian section in the Peugeot 504ti that I had provided for
the ‘reco’ lap.

Never did see that car again as after the event Bob Watson bought
it from me as a 6 months old, virtual ‘rolling wreck’ which he then
made into a Victorian rally car.

Rod Slater

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