Lee Chui San remembers

Hi there,

There are at least four people in Singapore who remember that event well. They are Vincent Wong, Teoh Tee Hoo and Ho An Seng, participants, and myself, Lee Chiu San, one of the officials who was on duty from the start in London to the finish in Sydney.

We all were participants in many other forms of motor sport in Singapore and around the region too.

I represented Batey Advertising, the agency of Singapore Airlines.

As the one member of the staff who was deep into motor sports I was shanghaied into the publicity team for the Rally.

I was at Rally Control in London, in Singapore, and in Melbourne and Sydney, and had access to all the reports.
I was also one of the official photographers at some of the controls.

To jog my memory while doing some research for a talk that I will be giving on this Rally to local motor sports enthusiasts tomorrow, I logged onto this website.

Sorry that I am rushed for time now, (and I am also involved in a major business project for the next couple of weeks, but if you want to share memories, (and a few press clippings) I am more than happy to do so.

Lee Chiu San

(to prove that this is a genuine offer to share information, you can check my name on Google to see that I have legitimate experience in motor sport)

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