Ken Murden Citroen Importer Australia

Trusting to an aging memory I tender the following which may be of
- early in 1977 Jim and I ordered 3 Citroen CX,s from the factory
which Jim and his team prepared to rally specs;
- we had a sponsorship with Total Oil and Grosvenor Hotel in
London amongst others;
- we utilised one of the rooms as our office for about 3 weeks
enabling us to meet with people and liaise with the rally
organiser Wylton Dickson;
- it was at this time that we were approached by Paddy Hopkirk and
Mike Taylor to join their car with our team and we agreed as
long as they took Bob Riley on board as a mechanic;
- we also undertook to service Andre Stucketberger’s Citroen as
long as it did not interfere with the servicing of our own cars.
As you probably know Stuckelberger’s car was written off in
Outback Australia in an accident where the car was involved in
a ‘head on’ with another rally car going in the wrong direction;
- Paddy Hopkirk invited all the team members to dinner at his
London home and we had many laughs especially with the French
drivers’ accents trying to recite Irish limericks;
- we had a lot of problems sending tyres to especially Iran and
Afghanistan but Total through their associates were able to
assist us and solve our problem;
- I can’t give you much first hand information on the actual rally
but I can tell you that it left a sour taste when we found out
that certain teams were in possession of the fact that speed
traps were in force in NSW;
- the rally actually finished at the Rothbury Estate winery in the
Hunter Valley and we originally lodged a protest about the speed
traps but the protest was later withdrawn.

I wish you well with the web site and book.

Best regards,

Ken Murden

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