Doug Francis here

Hi this is from Doug Francis Leyland terrier truck No 73 Yes, I could be interested in a reunion, would much prefer NOT Sydney, but Alice sounds good to me late June ish, only a suggestion tho’, the last one at Coogee was pretty good, please ignore any mistakes but I’m brand new to the computer & typing, Flash I am sorry to hear about Wally, I s’pose there are quite a few missing now I’ve gone 80 myself & still chugging along (still ride a motor bike regularly with a few old farts) so can’t complain also still have same wife of 56 years,, only ever had one argument & that’s still going, No, all is well with us. The rally was a fairly historic thing to me, I believe it was the first truck to have a go at a rally a long time before the Paris Dakar boys got involved, which sure is another kettle of fish. No doubt you are aware Barry Allen passed away many years ago, I was very good mates with Barry & had heaps of faith in his driving the old truck in pretty tight situations as you’d only know too well, & you never let that go lightly do you. That is why the idea of a reunion is a bloody good idea.
Doug Francis.

Hope you’re all well & have A MERRY XMAS

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