Models of vehicles from the rally

We have received the following information from Roel Wijker in Holland. He is a car enthusiast with a passion for Ranaults and, amongst other things, the cars, stories and history of the 1977 SIA Rally. He has found several model kits of cars that were in the Rally and provided information on them. He has also discovered what he calls “fakes” or models of incorrect models that he warns against buying. The place to find these is eBay, after all that is where he finds them: “…………. So far as I know there are some models of the 1977 cars most of these are kits others have LSM stickers but are not actual cars. I made you a list -

Actual Cars
  • Mercedes 280 Cowan 1/43 Trans-kit mini racing France – needs a Mercedes 280 Solido
  • Mercedes 280 Kleint 1/43 Trans-kit mini racing France – needs a Mercedes 280 Solido
  • Fiat Abarth Neyret 1/43 Trans-kit Robustelli Italy – needs a Fiath abarth Solido
Fake Models
  • Mercedes 280 S Cowan 1/24 Burago Italy – Is actually a S class Mercedes
  • Mercedes 280 SL Cowan 1/24 Polistil Italy – Is actualy a SL Mercedes
  • Porsche 924 !? Cowan 1/24 Polistil Italy – What where they thinking!

I just bought the 280 s was quite expensive 35, euro’s I don’t know more cars but there are more models from the 1968 event though. I will keep on searching.
Groeten Roel…………..”

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