Model of Car #16 – (Turkish) Renault 12TS

Korkut Varol is from Turkey. He is currently making a model of one of the cars that was in the Rally. The model is of Car 16, a Renault 12TS which was crewed by Aytac Kot and Kayhan Kantarci. They came 16th in the Rally and were also members of the Turkish National Team which won t he National Team Prize in the Rally. Korkut has provided the following URL,, which shows his progress on the model to date.

Korkut then sent us a message that reads “……….the provided URL is a forum page in Turkish, so it would not be sufficient to the understanding of the vast majority of people who would click. Instead, please note and replace with the URL of my own website, in English, so that people can understand what they read…….”. Korkut also advises that he is at least 2 months from finishing the model and will send us some pictures of the completed model once it is finished and he is happy with it.

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