Car 21, Chevy Vega Cosworth came out of the barn

We are upright and motoring! It happened and we took the Vega to the GM Nationals at Carlisle, pa on June10-13. Lots of old memories and younger people. I asked the organisers to send copies of many images to you. Event over, people retreat to other lives. Our car was the ONLY car in “original condition”. Interested and interesting visitors, many that I would like more time with. Kids were such a gas! One boy in the car: me- How would you like to spend a month in this car? He- I could LIVE here! We remember that kind of enthusiasm.
I’ll retouch those buttons. Between Carlos and I, there are enough images to show the concept. Did I send you the website for the cosworth vega club? Try a Google. These guys know scary amounts about a machine that we considered a tool. Tom

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