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1977 Rally Gallery - Socialising

1977 Rally Gallery

The 1977 London to Sydney Rally Gallery

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1993 Reunion - Sydney270 views(Sorry the 'Crop and Rotate' won't work so you will have to turn the screen ninety degrees or your head the same.
Bus accident154 viewsThe coach driver on an organised tour to the Seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram, tried to do away with over half the field. While driving he tried to read his notes on how to find the Pagodas when he ran off the road and came to rest against a (small) tree. It created a bit of interest but no-one came to any grief.
Photo (as it happened) Paul Caddey
Car 100 Sheerness160 viewsCar 100 Sheerness awaiting the ferry to Vlissingen in Holland

This 1925 Bean was last seen in Paris. Due to political necessity they detoured through Bulgaria to avoid Greece and Yugolsavia (and probably several other countries) and were never seen on the Rally again.

Photo Andy Gibson
Car 76 - the crew at rest in Perth4963 viewsCar 76 the crew of, from left to right, Peter Flanagan, Paul Caddey and Wally Glass relaxing in Perth while waiting for the ship bringing the cars from Singapore
Photo Joy Caddey
Dock at Madras174 viewsSome of the competitors at the docks in Madras waiting for their cars to be loaded.
Photo Paul Caddey
Fatties, Singapore173 viewsTom Curran (Car 56), Peter Flanagan (Car 76), Bob Watson (Car 54) and Steve Tucker (Car 56) at Fatties Restaurant in Singapore (while waiting for the ship to arrive to forward the cars to Perth).
Madras Dinner132 viewsIndia Oil hosted a dinner for all ccompetitors in Madras.
Photo Paul Caddey
Official Reception London392 viewsOfficial Reception, after the Drivers' Briefing at the Gloucester Hotel in London on the night before the start of the Rally. Left to right Jim Gavin, Stewart Mcleod, Leonie Kingshott and Paddy Hopkirk'

Photo Max Stahl
Peneng rubber plantation174 viewsMax Stahl, with Barry Ferguson looking on, with the next puncture repair kit for one of the Citroens.

Photo Max Stahl collection
Pre-event Function150 viewsPre-event function at the Gloucester Hotel in London
Photo Paul Caddey
Raffles in Singapore170 viewsA table of competitors at the Australian Meat Board Dinner at Raffles in Singapore. Starting at the bottom left corner: Noel Richards (Car 60), Arthur Davis (Car 53), Tom Curran (Car 56), Rod Jones (Car 53), Colin Redmond (Peugeot Service Crew), X, X, X, Steve Tucker (Car 56), John Latham (Car 53), Wes Nalder (Car 60) and Peter Flanagan (Car 76).
Singapore, Jurong Dock, drivers like to gossip262 viewsDrivers filling in time at Jurong Port.
Left to Right Greg Nicholson, Noel Richards, x, x, x, Gus Staunton, Bob Watson and John Latham sitting on the back of Hank Kabell's Mazda
Photo Warwick Brooks
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