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This website is all about the Singapore Airlines rally that took place in 1977.
The inspiration and driving force behind the Rally was expatriate Australian Wylton Dickson, who also master-minded the 1970 London-Mexico and the 1974 London-Sahara-Munich World Cup Rallies, it was designed to test man and machine on the longest driving event ever held. Competitors would be asked to drive 30,000 kilometres, in 30 days of driving and Singapore Airlines came on board as the Principal Sponsor to commemorate their 30 years in the airline industry.

During the Rally competitors would drive through 15 countries. The first stages of the rally would take the competitors from England through Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan into India. The second part of the rally would be through Malaysia to Singapore followed by, what was almost a rally in itself, the drive across Australia.

This website is a direct result of the commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Rally at the French Car Display at the St Lucia Campus of the University of Queensland in July 2007. Following the release of ‘Reminiscences from the Navigator’s Seat’ by Peter J (Flash) Flanagan at the Display, Peter started to receive pictures and stories from various sources and, with the invaluable assistance of Nathan D’Addio, this site is now a repository for all those pictures, stories and bits of Rally information and memorabilia for all to enjoy.

It is a work in progress website and we would ask that you continue to provide any information on the Rally to email us so that it can grow and the information on the website become more complete, relevant and even more entertaining to all who visit this site.

Enjoy seeing and reading about the cars, crews and officials in different parts of the world and wonder at the temperament, the demeanour and the bravery/stupidity of all those who competed and officiated on this, the longest car rally in history.
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Peter J. (Flash) Flanagan, Rally Participant, Website Idea
Nathan D’Addio, Website Developer

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